Get a better grip! Grap new tyres for winter

The worse your grip, the more you slip.

Your Segway Personal Transporter (PT) is a self-balancing machine. To keep you in balance the Segway PT needs to keep a good grip on the ground below. Just like when your shoes slip their grip, a slick tyre lacking in grip lets those pesky laws of physics win out. Loss of traction and the force of gravity will overcome your Segway PTs ‘magical’ ability to keep you upright and safe.

No one wants that to happen. Just in time for New Zealand’s winter we’ve landed an extra shipment of new-style Wheels with Tyres for Segway x2 SE and Segway x2 models. We’ve also got standard and specialist wheel/tyre options for the Segway i2 SE and i2 in stock as well (see below).

Segway x2 SE and x2 owners take a good look: if the diamond pattern has worn off the centre band on your tyres then you should already have bought some “new shoes” for your favourite ride.

x2 tread depth.jpg

Here’s why: The continuous centre band that runs around the equator of the rather special tyre fitted to Segway x2 SE and Segway x2 is there to provide a smooth ride and maximum range-per-charge on hard surfaces. But once the diamond pattern has worn off this band becomes a narrow, slick surface that can slip and slide in contact with hard, greasy surfaces. Examples include the edge of concrete curbs in the wet, doorway thresholds, and mossy logs. The risk of slippage is exasperated if you’re running tyre pressures at up to double the factory specification of 4 psi (some users do this, trading grip for longer range-per-charge).

Left: Stacks o’ stock of new-style Segway x2 SE Wheel and Tyres; Top right: Instructions for removing new-style x2 SE and original-style x2 wheels (note Hub Adaptor and Trim ring on original-style); Bottom right: Close-up photos showing the difference between new-style and original-style rims.

Buy now and save: Grab a bargain with these special prices, available only while stocks last.

  • If you own the current model Segway x2 SE get a replacement Wheel with Tyre for just $295+GST each (save $30).
  • If you own a previous model Segway x2 we offer to trade-in your worn Wheel with Tyre on the new-style x2 SE Wheel with Tyre for just $245+GST each (save $80). You’ll get the latest look, and we’ll be able to make good use of the Hub Adaptor and Ring that we’ll remove from your original-style rim trade-in.
We’re paying $50+GST for your Hub Adaptor and Trim ring when you trade-in on the new-style Segway x2 SE Wheel and Tyre.

In case you are wondering: No, it is not possible to purchase the rubber tyre separately to fit onto your original Wheel (rim). This is because Segway, Inc. does not offer this unique tyre for sale except as pre-fitted onto a wheel (rim). No, we’re not really sure why, but we can say in our experience it is quite difficult to get an old tyre off the Wheel without damaging the rim (and therefore compromising both strength and the ability to obtain a good seal – the tyre is tubeless). Neither do we do recommend fitting any non-Segway “ATV” tyre onto an old rim. Only the genuine Segway tyre has the ideal combination of low mass, compliant sidewall and equatorial band to meet performance specifications. If you were to fit a heavier tyre, not only will range-per-charge and rider comfort be diminished, but rider safety will be reduced too. This is because most of a tyres mass is located at the maximum distance from the axle in the centre, so the motor has to work harder to change the momentum of the wheel (i.e. it is more difficult and takes longer to get the wheel rolling up to speed from rest, or to spin it up/slow it down once it is already turning). Remember, the Segway PT remains self-balancing by rapidly changing the amount of torque applied to the wheels to change their direction. So, not only does a heavier wheel have an influence on both acceleration and performance, it has the biggest effect when the Segway PT is nearing the maximum limits of capability. For example, when travelling along at high speed, or when applying emergency braking, or under maximum load during climbing hills or hitting pot-holes at speed. Fitting heavier tyres will also reduce the safe rider+cargo payload to below factory specifications. Another issue with most ATV tyres is they have an alternating knobbly pattern, and this makes them unsuitable for use on a Segway PT. These knobs will be felt and heard as a wobbly grumble when riding over hard surfaces, as they generate lateral forces that are transferred in turn to the bearings on the output shafts of the gearboxes. In-the-field experience gained from a Segway x2 fitted with non-standard tyres that was deployed by a security company at University of Canterbury a decade ago demonstrated that such forces are outside the design specifications of these bearings, resulting in premature damage and wear. A gearbox with worn bearings cannot be repaired (only replaced).

Segway i2 SE and Segway i2 owners: If the tyres on your Segway PT look like the photo below-right then it’s time to get new tyres – pronto!

i2 Tyres.jpg

  • Tyre for Segway i2 SE or i2: $95+GST (each). Your local tyre shop will fit it for you, or we have clearly written instructions if you’d like to do it yourself.
  • Tube for Segway i2 SE or i2: $25+GST (each). Tubes only need replacing if leaking, holed, worn or become damaged during removal/fitting. Note well how genuine Segway tubes have a valve stem with a right-angle “elbow” shape for easy tyre pressure checking and air filling. Tubes with straight valve stems might be a couple of dollars cheaper, but they cost a heck of a lot more in frustration!
  • Wheel with Tyre and Tube kit for Segway i2 SE or i2: $195+GST (each). Save the effort of fitting a new tyre to your old rim by simply swapping on a complete new wheel kit (requires removal of just three 13mm wheel nuts).


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